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There are a number of different reasons that necessitate the need for line removal. These include;

1. Preparatory work in advance of new relining projects.

2. Removing old and obsolete previous line markings after a road construction project ready for new and alternative road system layout.

3. Restoring an unmarked surface to enable the relining of additional traffic lanes.

Premier Stripin has immense experience in undertaking their line removal services to a wide variety of clients, industrial sectors and environments that feature public highways, motorways, private roads, bus lanes, cycle lanes, airport runways, airport taxiways, car parks, supermarkets, sports facilities, and the exterior and interior markings of warehouses and factories.

Our highly skilled and highly trained operatives specialise in three different line removal processes and place health and safety considerations as a priority. Obviously, in different environments, different line removal solutions may be more applicable.